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Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning Services in Rio Linda, CA

At JS Construction and Septic, Inc., we specialize in residential and commercial septic tank pumping & grease trap cleaning in Rio Linda, CA. We understand the importance of building great relationships with our customers, and know this can only happen when we consistently deliver superior service at competitive rates in Rio Linda, CA. As a licensed and insured pumping company we have been able to build an excellent reputation because of satisfied customers and their referrals.

With our 24/7 emergency service, you can also count on us in the event of an emergency in Rio Linda, CA. Our goal is to educate our Rio Linda customers on how to extend the life of their septic system with routine maintenance. We want to leave you feeling confident about your septic system.

Caring For Your Septic System:

Whether your Rio Linda property has always been on a septic system or it is brand new, caring for your septic system may present many questions. At JS Construction and Septic, Inc., we are here to help. We have included just a few helpful tips for both the efficiency of your septic system and it affects on the environment.

Septic Pumping Septic Cleaning Rio Linda CA

The "Do's" & "Dont's" of proper septic care:


Keep records of your septic services
Remove roots from the leach field and septic tank
Be sure to run water regularly
Make sure your septic system is serviced routinely
Use bacteria and enzymes to breakdown waste
Know the location of your septic tank


Don't Obstruct the access of the tank lids
Don't use large quantities of fat or solvents
Don't plant anything over the leach field except grass
Don't wait for signs of failure without maintenance
Don't plant anything near your tank and leach lines

In addition, below is a list of materials that should never flushed into your septic system.

Coffee Grounds
Dental Floss
Disposable Diapers
Cat Litter
Sanitary Napkins
Cigarette Butts
Fat, Grease or Oil
Paper Towels
Bathroom Towelettes
Construction Debris

Hazardous Chemicals, Such As:
Waste oils
Photographic Solutions
Oily Floor Soaps
Liquid Fabric Softeners

At JS Construction and Septic, Inc., we know how important safety, reliability and dependability are to our Rio Linda, California, septic system customers. Let us make your septic tank pumping, septic system pumping, cesspool pumping, and septic system cleanings and repairs headache-free and affordable. We work to exceed your expectations with professional technicians that are on time, have the best safety skills in the industry and provide outstanding customer service. Septic care is NOT an area of the home or business where you should bargain shop, if back-ups occur it can flood your Rio Linda home or business leaving long lasting problems within your home or business, such as mold. You deserve the very best. Call JS Construction and Septic, Inc. today! We would like to invite you to continue your tour of our website. If you have questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact JS Construction and Septic, Inc. at 916-620-7867 or 916-479-2455.

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